This is what we would include in the “Medium Site”:CMS based
INR 19500.00-45000.00
Time duration:8-12 working day’s + testing time

We will provide:
1.   Php MySql based or Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress (Database Driven)
2.  Installation of theme, as specified by Client
3.  Menu setup
4.  Page setup (up to 12-20 basic pages – Home, Services, Products, About Us, Contact Us, etc.); basic/custom image residing as necessary (but Client is responsible for furnishing raw images)and extra pages can be +/-5 page
5. Setup of basic & Custom modules (basic/html content-types, email form,Module integration,status bar with spacial layout, Custom CSS etc.)
6.  Setup CMS user accounts as desired/Admin Account,and different types of user level.
6.  Test site where Client can review work.
7. Zip file with final site static files + SQL dump of database setup or Uploaded to the web server as directed by the Client.
8.  Fine tuning with Search Engine Optimization.

9.  Shopping cart Installation(Basic)

Client needs to provide:
1.  Specify which Theme to use (commercial themes not included in basic cost)
2.  Text Copy / Content, Images, Menu configuration
3.  Configuration of any basic/custom modules (enable/disable).

Payment terms and conditions:

The payment mode 1/3 up front, 1/3 upon review of work, and 1/3 on delivery for Medium/ Enterprise projects.
But for Small Site’s it can be 1/3 up front and 2/3 on delivery.
For Medium & Enterprise Site’s Compcon will provide 3 Day’s of minor changes and/or updates and up to two(2) hours of consultation. This work shall be completed for the above stated fee.

This fee does not include: the cost of domain registration, hosting set up fee, hosting, merchant account, secure on-line authorization or shopping cart.

Maintenance, if included in this contract, shall be on a monthly basis, with a minimum of $50 in any month where updating is necessary. Fees will be assessed on an hourly basis at $12-15/hr. No fee will be charged in a month where no updating is necessary.

Sample Sites:

Payment through PayPal or On-line Bank Transfer and local Bank Pay-order.