We proviedEnterprise Portal Solutions

A successful portal strategy secures an immediate return on investment by dynamically aggregating content, functions and features into a high-performance workspace relevant to the user’s specific role and responsibilities. While many see portals as focused on the needs of their users, companies seeking to achieve high performance are also recognizing the measurable bottom line impact portals can have when approached strategically.
For our clients, portal solutions help to deliver high performance through reduced operational expenses, simplified application maintenance, improved CRM and customer satisfaction, increased revenue streams, and improved knowledge management and collaboration. The dynamic reach of portals impacts different components of clients’ businesses, across organizations and business units—generating revenues and improving positioning and overall internal business processes. Portals help companies enhance their high-powered business goals by offering innovative options to conduct business over the Internet.
Using Godady or any third party api, checking availability of domain, booking a domain,
renewing domain etc from the multi-site project.
Using CMS’s, a system was provided to the users to create his own website. The users can choose any theme and on providing other necessary details of his site, the complete site will be generated automatically.
A custom interface was created to interact with JIRA ticketing system. Using this custom
interface one can work on the following in the JIRA system:
1. Create a ticket
2. View the list of tickets of a particular campaign
3. View tickets assigned to him
4. Edit / Modify a ticket
5. Re-Assign a ticket to someone else
6. Change status of a ticket
8. Add attachments to a ticket
9. Add / Delete campaigns in an existing ticket
10. Comment in a ticket
11. Notification mail sending for all the above actions to appropriate person.

Payment terms and conditions:
The payment mode 1/3 up front, 1/3 upon review of work, and 1/3 on delivery
for Medium/ Enterprise projects.
But for Small Site’s it can be 1/3 up front and 2/3 on delivery.
For Medium & Enterprise Site’s Compcon will provide 3 Day’s of minor changes and/or updates and
up to two(2) hours of consultation. This work shall be completed for the above stated fee.
This fee does not include: the cost of domain registration, hosting set up fee, hosting, merchant
account, secure online authorization or shopping cart.
Maintenance, if included in this contract, shall be on a monthly basis, with a minimum of $50 in any
month where updating is necessary. Fees will be assessed on an hourly basis at $12-15/hr. No fee will be charged in a month where no updating is necessary.

Sample Sites:

Payment through PayPal or On-line Bank Transfer and local Bank Pay-order.