CRM Development

Web based CRM Application Development For Electronic Goods Manufacturer or Resellers Back-end services process management.

This System build for Communicate / Interact / implement process management of the Parent Company In view of providing After Sales Services to the End Customers or Users through there Service Centers or Authorized Service Providers back-end process management.

Systems Architecture:

Zend Framework / now up-gradation work going on with Laravel

Dental Web Portal


This project is basically a interactive site for Dentists and the Patients, Where Patients can search a Dentist by locality, radios, quality, services, and so many way, Dentist can offer, Invite, discounts, and other offerings, They can share there records, set active, inactive and so on… A Mangento based Cart also implemented to this Site where a Single log-in (SSO)can do the both sites log in/Log out,where patients can buy any services/products and use the point/money to pay to dentist for there services or withdraw cash benefits. This projects have so many Internal/External Mailing/communication features for interaction and Administration, User types(7),Information shearing, Payment gateway(3-4)types, Template for emailing, vivid search of Internal/External Database, cross platform data integration/sharing (Drupal and Magento),Marketing types, Landing page for external search by Country/State/Province/Zip and with search Engine, like Google/Yahoo/ext… It have already more than 60 Customized Drpal 6 Modules, which are working perfectly, It have more than 19000 User registered with cross platform data migrating. The project is still going on with regular new Ideas by the client and maintained/modify by us.

Systems Architecture:
This system is a Drpal 6 & PHP code base And Magento Cart running on the web front-end machines serving the platform and Admin /Dentist / Patient portal, but can be expanded to any of the subsystems at of Dental Connection USA .

Our role:
1.System Design for Drupal
2.Interface design

Permission Controls

Client: Reachlocal Inc.

The need of this project has arisen due to new XML web services being created to provide reporting data in the new Campaign Activity Report project. Users will be granted or restricted access to specific sub reports based primarily on their cobrand and privilege level, but could also consider levels as specific as business, advertiser or even user id. Part of the considerations being addressed at this time will also include a migration path for other key platform elements that can benefit greatly from a Permission Control system such as user privilege levels.

Systems Architecture:
This system will be part of the PHP codebase running on the web frontend machines serving the platform and admin portals initially, but can be expanded to any of the subsystems at ReachLocal.

Our role:
1.Interface design

Drupal Integration

Client: Reachlocal Inc.

Several drupal integration projects have been done, including module developments like feedback module, contact us module. Configuring 3rd party modules like FCK-editor, IMCE.

Our role:
2.Module Development
3.Template Integration
4.Module Integration

Goddady API Integration

Client: Reachlocal Inc.

Using Godady reseller api, checking availability of domain, booking a domain, renewing domain etc from the multi-site project.

Our role:
1. Integration of Godaddy API for using it in multi-site projects

Drupal Multi-site project

Client: Reachlocal Inc.

Using drupal, a system was provided to the users to create his own website. The users can choose any theme and on providing other necessary details of his site, the complete site will be generated automatically.

Our role:
1.Drupal Theme Generation
2.Drupal customization for multi-site concept implementation

JIRA Custom Application

Client: Reachlocal Inc.

A custom interface was created to interact with JIRA ticketing system. Using this custom interface one can work on the following in the JIRA system:
1. Create a ticket
2. View the list of tickets of a particular campaign
3. View tickets assigned to him
4. Edit / Modify a ticket
5. Re-Assign a ticket to someone else
6. Change status of a ticket
8. Add attachments to a ticket
9. Add / Delete campaigns in an existing ticket
10. Comment in a ticket
11. Notification mail sending for all the above actions to appropriate person.

Our role:
1.Creating the user interface using ZEND Framework
2.Connection of ZEND and JIRA ticketing system using PHP SOAP API
3.Database Design to control activities in the ZEND system
4.JIRA customization
5.Controller and action development in ZEND Framework

Multi Level Marketing Website

Client: Jeevenswapna

Using PHP and MySql, Multi-Level Marketing website has been made. It is a website with complete Genealogy, payment structure and others.

Our role:
1.Create Genealogy
2.Payment Structure

Desktop Application with .net

Client: Spencer’s

Using .net, and create reward system for the mass retail Company Spencer’s. It is a multi client-server system.

Our role:

1.Create reward system for clients
2.Manage client statistics for the Spencer’s